OSAS And Unanswered Prayer


As a follow up to ‘Still Saved After Denying The Lord’, I have a question for you.

A friend of mine, once a very loving and dedicated Christian, has over the past several years gone through many traumas in her life. Having thrown herself on God’s mercy and spent many hours in prayer, she has received no solution to her problems. For example, she has prayed constantly that the Lord would bring peace to the heart of her mother -also a Christian- who is suffering from dementia and is living in a confused and tortured state literally trapped inside her own body. These prayers have not been answered.

She now believes in her heart that God can not exist and that Jesus was just a good man who was crucified along with countless others.

Where Peter, understandably, denied the Lord out of fear, this lady has made a conscious decision that God is not real – not out of bitterness but by deliberation. What happens to her Salvation?


This case, while heartbreaking, is no different than any other. If she was truly saved then, even though like so many other sheep she has wandered off, the Lord is committed to bring her back before she dies. God has put the seal of His ownership on her, and His Spirit in her heart, to guarantee her destiny. It’s His will that because she has looked to the Son and believed in Him, she will have eternal life and be raised up at the last day. (2 Cor. 1:21-22 & John 6:40)