OSAS, Really? Follow Up


After reading OSAS,Really? and many of your other responses concerning OSAS, I can’t help but wonder why some “Christians” still have a hard time understanding our eternal security. Its a simple concept and is backed by strong unrefuted verses. I have discussed this with some believers who don’t believe in OSAS and they never refute the verses that support OSAS outright but instead refer to other verses. Is it because they are really unbelievers who haven’t genuinely accepted Christ alluding to the possibility that they haven’t been born again, therefore spiritually dead, or is it simply a lack of understanding intellectually?


It’s not for me to say whether people like this are saved or not. I’ve found several reasons why people don’t believe in Eternal Security (OSAS—once saved, always saved). Some are just accepting what they’ve been taught instead of doing their own homework. This can lead to merely searching the Bible for verses they can use to confirm what they already believe instead of studying the whole book to see what it really says.

Others may be infected with a spiritual pride similar to that of the Pharisees of Biblical times and don’t think it’s right that people who don’t appear to be as righteous as they are should be allowed a free pass.

But I think the vast majority of believers who reject OSAS simply don’t understand that although nine different writers were involved in composing the New Testament there was only one Author, the Spirit of God (2 Tim. 3:16), and being God He can’t contradict Himself. He can’t say one thing in one place and something else in another.

Because of this lack of understanding, when they see verses that appear to contradict OSAS, they default to conditional security. With a little further study they could resolve the issue, but sadly they don’t make the attempt. As you know most of the questions I’ve answered on the subject have to do with these perceived contradictions.