Passover Cross


I have a question about the Passover. I have heard it said that when the original Passover happened, the Jewish people actually made a cross in blood on their door for the angel to “pass over” their house to avoid death. If this was the case, wouldn’t this highly symbolic act be easily read today by the Jewish people as God working through prophecy and culminating through the Cross of Christ? Have you ever heard of the blood being applied as a cross? If so, I’m thinking what a marvelous way for the Lord to foreshadow His plan of redemption!


In fulfillment of Exodus 12:7, each Israelite painted the top and side of his door frame with lamb’s blood. If you can imagine brushing horizontally along the top and then vertically down the side of a door you’ll see that you’re in effect making something like the sign of the cross.

The symbolism of these motions was first noticed by Messianic Jews thousands of years later. I doubt that any Israelites in Egypt realized what they were doing. But like many other things associated with Passover, it was definitely a foreshadowing of the Lord’s Plan of Redemption.