Passover And FirstFruits


My question relates to the day in which we recognize the resurrection of Christ. In one or two articles you say that Christ rose again on the Sunday after Passover. There is a problem with that because Passover jumps to different days on our Gregorian calendar. Do you say that it is the Sunday after Passover in order to keep it simple for those who don’t know?


This issue is not unique to the Gregorian calendar. It’s true of the Hebrew calendar as well. It stems from the fact that Passover was always on the 14th day of the month (Exodus 12:6) no matter what day of the week that happened to be, and the Feast of First fruits came on the day after the Sabbath that followed (Lev. 23:15), which is always a Sunday.

Therefore, there are only three days and three nights between the two in certain years, and those are the years when the 14th is also a Thursday. So while Passover floats through the week, resurrection morning is always the first Sunday morning afterward, because that’s the Feast of First Fruits.