Peace At Any Price?


Hi, I really appreciate and enjoy your ministry, and perhaps you can provide some guidance for me on a particular issue concerning Christians who misinterpret the Bible and constantly spew “give peace a chance” pabulum. I have been continually excoriated by a handful of misguided Christians who are against all war and think that we should never stand up for ourselves and piously recite passages from the Bible to support their peacemaker dream sequences.

I realize that we live in an imperfect, fallen world, where Satan is doing his best to steal the souls of mankind. This is not going to change until Jesus returns, despite the best efforts of the Dominion/Kingdom Now groups. Man chose to go against God and do things his own way, and wars have been the end result ever since. War is hell for a reason, and no one ever wants to go to war. But, as stewards of the earth, we cannot let the weapons of Satan destroy the whole world (I am thinking of the Iranian Hitler and his nuclear capabilities).

I do not pine for the demise of any of the innocent and pray that those who live in the darkness of a religion that lacks hope will see the light, but we cannot acquiesce our own destruction in the meantime.

Is the Church not the restrainer of evil? Am I incorrect in thinking this? I am just tired arguing with these Christians who would rather put on a burka and grovel at the feet of the terrorists. I am also tired of being equated to the Nasrallahs of the world, as though I am somehow equally radical. Ha! Thus, I humbly request some guidance on this, as I have reached a boiling point of frustration.


Romans 12:18 says, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” One way to assure that is to let others know that you’re ready and able to defend yourself if threatened. James 4:7 says in part, “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” As the world has learned all too often in the past, appeasing an enemy sworn to your destruction will only encourage him.

I truly believe that the problems facing the world today are more Spiritual than anything else. At issue is whether the God of the Bible or the god of Islam will triumph. We know that the outcome is not in doubt, but nowhere in the Bible is accommodation with false religion suggested. In fact the opposite is true.

Daniel and his 3 friends refused to bow before idols, breaking the laws of their rulers in doing so. Peter and John disobeyed the direct orders of the Sanhedrin in preaching the Gospel. Paul defied the powers of Rome. Christianity is a religion of peace, but not one of appeasement and accommodation. I’m with you.