Peace For Israel?


Thank you so much for your site! I believe that God’s hand is truly upon you and your understanding of the Bible. You offer a true service in today’s world!

I have a hard time understanding how Israel could possibly believe that they are living in peace before the battle of Ezekiel 38, since they have never known peace from there inception in 1948. Do you think that it is possible after Israel levels Damascus, as Isaiah 17 clearly spells out, and which I believe could be very soon, the Anti-Christ could come on the scene and bring this false peace? Otherwise Israel will have to take out every enemy they have in the Middle East.

Also in your true opinion how close do you think we are of going home to be with the Lord? I know no man knows the day or the hour but we can watch and know that it is drawing close!


Just like the fall of the Soviet Union took everyone by surprise, something will happen suddenly to create the illusion of peace in the middle east. It may be triggered by the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 as you suggest, and it will certainly involve world leaders, one of whom could eventually be revealed as the anti-Christ.

Based on a Biblical life span being 70 years or so (Psalm 90:10), the end times beginning with Israel’s rebirth in 1948, and the Lord’s promise that those being born at the beginning of the end would still be alive when all was completed (Matt. 24:34) I believe that all End Times prophecies including the Lord’s return could be fulfilled as early as 2018.