Peace Before The Battle?


Is it likely that we will see a peace agreement before the looming attack by the neighboring Arab countries, much like the previous land for peace agreements? Or is it just as likely that the covenant will come after the attack?


The battle foretold in Psalm 83 doesn’t appear to hint of any peace treaty between Israel and its attackers before it happens. As for Ezekiel 38 there is at least the perception of peace preceding the attack (Ezekiel 38:11). Whether there’s an official agreement or not, no one knows. Daniel 9:27 says the coming world leader will confirm (enforce) a covenant with Israel at the outset of Daniel’s 70th Week. Some take that to mean an agreement will already be in place but either hasn’t been activated or has been violated. This is likely to be the case if Daniel 9:27 is fulfilled shortly after the battle of Ezekiel 38 as I believe will happen.