Do Some People Not Have A Soul?


I sometimes meet people who seem to have truly evil hearts and minds. I’ve pondered whether they have a soul, or if their soul is black. It’s very difficult to understand what their soul must be like because of their behavior and thinking. Do some people not have souls? Or are their souls and hearts so thoroughly corrupted that they feel black?


Every human has a soul and a spirit. I believe we are all born with the potential for greatness and a desire to know God. But during their lives, some have suffered spiritual, mental, or physical anguish beyond anything an average person can imagine. This can make them appear to be alive, but not truly living. I’ve heard them described as having a frozen lake of rage inside them that’s never far from the melting point.

Society has no cure for people like this because the devil has a firm grip on them, but the light of the Lord can penetrate even the darkest place. They need our heartfelt prayers, because if not for the grace of God we could be just like them.