Pestilence In Various Places


Do you have any thoughts on the swine flu epidemic? It seems to me that God has been screaming warnings to mankind from the Heavens for the past few years through all the weather changes, i.e. hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, hail and thunder storms, droughts, and the like, but people for the most part are ignoring those warnings.

Are tornados, earthquakes, and now swine flu judgments from God, or are these a result of sin and Satan’s dominion on the earth? I’ve been told by ministers that God does not judge the earth and its dwellers until the tribulation, but one can’t help but wonder if God is not judging the world now. I would be most grateful for your thoughts.


One of the signs the Lord gave that the end is coming is the rise of pestilence in various places. The Aids virus, new drug resistant strains of familiar diseases, and flu epidemics all fit into this category. In Luke 21:11 the Lord called them birth pangs.

Ultimately, these things can all be traced back to the entrance of sin into the creation, since God did not create the world this way. Technically they aren’t judgments but warnings that judgment is coming. The Lord said they would become more frequent and intense as the time for judgment approaches.