Pick A Number


In the past you’ve said the earliest date for the Second Coming is 2018 and the latest 2037 . However, in light of the discovery of the coming lunar and solar eclipses, do you think that it’s more likely to be 2018? If the last two times the phenomenon of multiple eclipses occurred was during Israel’s independence and the recapture of Jerusalem, I am inclined to think that the third time it happens it would be Israel meeting their Messiah. Furthermore, this heavenly phenomenon will not happen again for the rest of this century. I’d really be glad to hear your thoughts on this matter.


Yes I have narrowed in on 2018 as the most likely date of the 2nd Coming, but it was not because of the eclipses. It’s my understanding that they were supposed to place the 2nd Coming in 2015 meaning Daniel’s 70th Week had to begin in 2008. If it had, the Battle of Ezekiel 38 would be in our past, there would be a Temple in Israel by now, and we’d have a pretty good handle on the anti-Christ’s identity.

I came to the conclusion that the times of the Gentiles were not fulfilled in 1967 because Jerusalem is still being trampled on by the Gentiles. According to Rev. 11:1-2 this will continue until the 2nd coming. For me this disqualified 1967 as a start date for calculating the lifespan of the final generation.