Post Rapture Salvation


My question is about those left behind after the Rapture. If a person has heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ before the rapture but has not yet accepted Jesus as Lord nor repented and made a true confession of faith, what are their chances of being saved during the tribulation? Is it impossible?

In this respect would Jews and Gentiles be in the same situation – or do the Jews have a chance to come to Christ because they still have the Abrahamic covenant?

I know that everyone who has not heard the Gospel is eligible to be saved during the tribulation – my concern is for those who are still on the planet after the Rapture and are too late to be part of the Church. Thank you as always for your Bible knowledge and generosity in sharing it with us.


Some believe 2 Thes 2:9-11 warns that anyone who has heard the gospel and not accepted it will be subject to delusion after the Rapture and won’t be able to be saved then. Others say that the time after the rapture is intended for Israel to accept the Messiah so the remaining gentiles will not be a priority for the Lord.

I’m not sure that either of those positions is conclusive. But I do believe that it will be an extremely difficult time for gentiles who come to the Lord after the Rapture. As descriptive as some of them are, I think books and movies that try to depict those times accurately fall far short of conveying the precarious situation tribulation believers will find themselves in.