Still More On Post Rapture Salvation


You often instruct us that after the Church is raptured, salvation for tribulation believers will be like it was in the OT. You referenced Rev.14:12 regarding the fact that believers must keep God’s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus. What commandments are these . . . the Ten Commandments?

Romans 4 says, “Abraham believed God, and it (faith) was credited to him as righteousness” – no mention that he had to keep the commandments as part of his security because we know that the Ten Commandments and many more were given to Moses for His chosen people much later – making it look like there are two models for OT salvation, pre-law (i.e., Abraham) and post-law. So what are the “commandments” spoken of in Rev. 14:12?


Faith has always been the condition for salvation. Sacrifices for sin began in the days of Eden. (Cain got in trouble by bringing the wrong kind.) Noah brought seven clean animals on the ark instead of two for this purpose, and Abraham offered sacrifices to God as well. This was evidence of their faith.

The law was given to make mankind aware of the extent of his sin. In the dispensation of Law salvation was still by faith but obedience to the Law was required as evidence of faith. In the absence of faith obedience by itself was not acceptable (Isa. 66:2-4). As the Jews migrated beyond Israel’s borders, many laws were impossible to keep and sacrifices could not be conducted. When all the Jews were taken to Babylon, Ezekiel developed the synagogue form of worship to compensate for this. After the Temple was destroyed by the Romans the center of the Jewish religion moved to Tiberius where Ezekiel’s synagogue method was updated and expanded. It’s still in use through out the world today.

Other than the verses I’ve cited, the Bible does not offer specifics on maintaining one’s salvation in the post Rapture world. My guess is that these verses refer to the 10 commandments and that obedience will be similar to that which is evidenced by Jews today. But the overarching consideration will be faith, as always.