Praying to Satan?


I recently read a book by an author who used to be a Satanist, where he said a Christian once came to him for help. Apparently, the Christian guy had been praying for relief from a situation, but nothing happened. So he decided to ask the devil for help instead. It got me wondering, what does God think of that? This man was praying for help and God didn’t help him, so I guess he caved because he couldn’t take the pressure anymore. Can you give me some answers on this topic?


My first reaction is that we shouldn’t believe everything we read in books. What truly born again Christian would turn from God to Satan for answers to his prayers? I can’t imagine any circumstances under which such a thing would happen, and wonder if it’s even possible. Assuming your question is legitimate, I would say either the author fabricated the story or the person in question was not really a believer, in which case we can understand why God didn’t respond to his prayers. James said unless a person believes and does not doubt he is a double minded person who should not expect anything from the Lord (James 1:7-8).