Praying Them In


Do you think it’s possible that people can be saved because we regularly and persistently pray for their salvation? Do you have some personal observation on this issue?


I think it’s quite likely that our persistent prayers for friends or loved ones will help bring them to the Lord. Eventually, everyone has to ask for his or her own salvation, but I think our prayers can move the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts and give them the faith to ask. James 5:16 says the prayers of righteous people are powerful and effective, and we know we’re righteous because God has made us so by faith (Romans 3:22).

I’ve heard of mothers and fathers successfully praying for the salvation of their children, and of young women praying for future husbands before they even know who they’re going to marry. I also know that’s the way it happened for me and I’ll always be grateful to the person who prayed me into the Kingdom. His name is Dennis and he invited me to my first Bible study 25 years ago. Thanks again, Dennis