Praying For My Family


I have a real prayer burden for my children and their spouses. They reject the Bible as the Word of God. One even said that it’s” just words written by men and I know men.” When I point out that- It claims to the “inspired ” Word given by the Holy Spirit to holy men , and it’s historical accuracy , the test of time, etc…they turn a deaf ear.

Realizing that the time is short before the Rapture, the great and terrible tribulation, and the Second Coming of the Lord, besides staying on my knees before the throne , what can I do ? Do you have any wisdom and/or “proofs” that I can offer to them to read or think about?


We all want our families to find the peace we’ve found in Jesus, But there’s one important thing to remember. The excuses your children and their spouses give you are just that. Excuses. They can easily be refuted. Their responses don’t come from personal study into these things but are statements they’ve heard from others.

Ask them why they’re willing to take someone else’s word for the absence of a God when they’re not willing to take your word for His presence. Ask them if they’re willing to bet their entire eternity on this hearsay instead of finding out for themselves.

Challenge them to do some research with you. Use the Internet to research the Bible’s origin and validity and present the facts you find. Show them that their excuses for not learning the truth for themselves have eternal consequences.

Stress that you’re just trying to make sure that they’re making informed decisions about these things, not trying to sell them anything. While you’re doing this, pray fervently that God will open their hearts to His message of forgiveness.

By doing this you’ll discover if they want to know the truth or not, because that’s the real issue. There’s simply too much proof for God’s existence to be denied. Those who insist on denying it have to ignore the evidence. You may not change their minds now, but you will have planted seeds that could ultimately grow into belief.