Preparing For The Future


I’m kind of confused and more than a little scared and am hoping maybe you can help. What lays ahead for American Christians? Many claim we’re going to face some really horrifying times here in our own country before we’re raptured out. Others claim we’ll be raptured out. Many churches are silent on this issue. I tend to feel that before we are raptured we may very well see the fall of America, and suffer the horrors that go with that. If true how do we prepare, what might we expect to go through, and how might God use us during that time?


If the hardships that many see in America’s future come before the Rapture, I think they’ll be mostly economic, like rising prices of fuel and other living expenses, compounded by a declining value of US currency. That being the case the best way to prepare is to get out of debt quickly by starting to live as frugally as possible now. Use every penny you can scrape up to eliminate credit card debt as fast as you can because this kind of debt will get you twice, first with spiraling credit costs and then with increases in minimum payments. Living well beneath your means with as little debt as possible is your best defense both fiscally and spiritually. And don’t forget to stay current on your tithing. You’ll need the Lord’s blessing more than ever.

As for how the Lord might use us, renew your pledge to Him, make Him lord of your life for real, so that he can put you to work as He sees fit. He’ll take care of the rest.(Romans 12: 1-2)

With the signs of His soon Coming as clear as they are, one thing that is not acceptable is “life as usual,” wallowing in our 5 or 6 figure debt hoping the Rapture will come before we run out of money. That’s a terrible waste of the resources the Lord has provided and presents a slothful response to the incredible blessing we’ve received at His hand.