Proclaiming The Gospel


When is it the right time to share the Gospel? Recently saved myself I have many family members that are not and several other members of my family are saying that I should be patient and wait for God’s timing to share the Gospel so as not to offend them.

My position is that God will do the work after the Gospel has been presented but we as believers should have a sense urgency when it comes to sharing the Gospel. We are called to do so and should be bold in delivering the message, but we should also be doing it in a loving and non pushy manner. Please share your thoughts on this.


I couldn’t agree with you more. Without being obnoxious and turning people off, we should realize that we have the only good news there is for this dark and dying world. After we’re gone, we shouldn’t want friends or family members to say, “Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

By the way, I believe God’s timing is when the Holy Spirit prompts you to act.