Promises To Israel


My question involves Jeremiah 31:35-36 In this passage God is speaking to Israel saying that He has given the sun, moon, and the sea as an ordinance…(etc) and that if these ordinances should depart from Him, Israel shall also depart from being a nation before Him. Here He is apparently affirming that Israel will remain His chosen nation. And yet that seems to conflict with the fact that during the millennial reign, the sun, moon, and sea will no longer exist, or be visibly functioning. Can you explain this?


In Jeremiah 30-33 God had Jeremiah make a series of promises to Israel at a time when Jerusalem would soon be destroyed, their Temple burned, and the people carried off to Babylon. The nation would soon cease to exist. These promises were meant to give the people hope for a future with Him in their land. During the Millennium these promises will have all been fulfilled and there won’t be any need to give the people hope for a future. It will have arrived. In the meanwhile, every time they saw the sun or moon, every time they heard the crashing waves of the sea, they would be reminded of His promise to restore them.