Protecting Israel


Do you think it is possible that God is for the present time using America in a sense to protect Israel from its enemies? In your opinion, even though America has been guilty of encouraging Israel to give up its land in recent times and is now encouraging them to do so again in the name of peace, and has sinned against God in so many ways, do you suppose that America has been under God’s protection as a tool to help Israel?


Yes, I do think God has been using the US to protect Israel, and I think as we’ve begun to limit that protection we’ve suffered for it. Now we’re threatening to withhold loan guarantees in an effort to force Israel to negotiate with a so-called peace partner who refuses to negotiate. We don’t seem to understand that as we withdraw our support for Israel, God withdraws His blessing from us. Speaking of Israel, God said, “I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you, I will curse “ (Genesis 12:2). Following through on this new strategy will guarantee that 2010 will be worse for the US than 2009 was.