Proverbs 31 Author


My Sunday school class is beginning a quick study in Proverbs. My teacher asked if I could summarize Proverbs 31 in a couple of weeks so I am doing some research. I have found a couple of ideas as to the identity of King Lemuel and wondered what your take on this is. Some say that Lemuel was a “pet name” that Bathsheba had for her son, and this is her instructions to Solomon. Others I have read think that he is an unknown Jewish king, while others say that he was a king long before Solomon – possibly someone from Ishmael lineage. I would really like to have your opinion. Thank you for your ministry, I learn so much.


King Lemuel is mentioned only in Proverbs 31. Some say that this proverb is Bathsheba’s advice to Solomon, others that it’s Abijah’s advice to Hezekiah, and still others believe it’s the advice of a foreign queen to her royal son.

I’ve never thought much about it because where the Bible’s concerned there is really only one Author who used over 40 people to compose the 66 books contained therein. As if to testify to this the name Lemuel is derived from two Hebrew words that when put together mean “for God.”