Info On The Author, Please


Could you provide a little background information on yourself? I am wondering if you are formally trained in scripture or self-educated; if you have worked as a pastor/minister or if your on-line ministry is and always has been your focus.

Have you always been a christian, or did you come to Christ later in your life?

God has given you such wonderful gifts of understanding, insight and clarity that are of such benefit to all of us who have found your website.


On the top menu bar is the link “about.” Click on it and you’ll find my bio. All of your questions are answered there, except for the one about my education.

I have no formal seminary training. When I came to the Lord at age 40, and discovered that my gift was teaching, I complained to the Lord that I didn’t have time to stop everything and go back to school, and couldn’t He just open my head and pour the scriptures in.

In response, He arranged for my job to require about 4 hours a day of driving and then hooked me up with a ministry that supplies bible studies on tape by the best teachers alive today. Over the next 2 years I devoured thousands of these tapes while driving, covering nearly every book in the Bible. Then He arranged for me to meet most of these teachers personally and pick up what I’d missed on the tapes. Finally, He gave me a supernatural ability to comprehend and communicate what I’d learned.

I guess you could say He answered my prayer, but in such a way that I would always be sure that He gets the credit, not me.