Psalm 83, Follow Up


It seems to me that both Jordan and Egypt would need to be involved in the attack to make the Ps 83 list complete. The kingdom of Edom goes into Egypt. If there is a war this summer it is unlikely that both Jordan and Egypt would be involved. In fact, Egypt is also involved in the stopping of ships going into Gaza. Something the media ignores. So I would like to know if you think that Egypt would be on the Ps 83 list. If not, then why not?


Egypt was a nation before Israel existed. It has never ceased to be one, and neither its name nor its location has ever changed. The people of Edom were descendants of Shem through Esau whereas the Egyptians are from Ham through Mizraim. Therefore the phrase tents of Edom in Psalm 83:6 can’t refer to Egypt. The border between Egypt and Edom might have shifted from time to time, but Egypt has never been known as Edom. I think If Egypt was to be part of the Psalm 83 confederacy, it would have been listed there.