Psalm 83. Follow Up


The following comment was posted on another website in response to a lady questioning your “Psalm 83 – Preview of A Coming Attraction” article. I have always thought that Psalm 83 was about a future war but not sure what to make of it.

“Psalm 83 is an imprecatory Prayer, and in no way a war. Isaiah 17 is Gods answer to that Prayer. Isaiah 17:2-3, yes, Israel will take down Jordan and the West Bank. However, Israel has not been, nor will be any kind of conquerors. The condition of this land after battle will not make it habitable. From this point on, he skips (as many others do) the continuation of Gods description of what happens next. Israel will suffer a severe blow, to the point of “desolation” as God tells us.”


Although many scholars agree with my interpretation of Psalm 83, those who don’t always call it an imprecatory prayer (a prayer asking God to curse someone) rather than a prophecy. This person’s opinion that Isaiah 17, which is a prophecy about the destruction of Damascus, the kingdom of Aram, and the Northern Kingdom (called Ephraim and Jacob) is God’s answer to the prayer of Psalm 83 is just that, an opinion. In Isaiah 17 the portion about Damascus (verse 1) has never been fulfilled. But Aram and the Northern Kingdom were conquered as the prophecy foretold in Isaiah 17:2-6. The Assyrians, who defeated them, left only a few residents behind to guard the harvest and carried the rest off to captivity. Those left behind are referred to as the gleanings in Isaiah 17:6.