Rev. 22:1-6 Follow Up


On your reply to the question on Revelation 22:1-6. I do not understand how one comes to the belief that this is in Israel, and as for the growing seasons, I don’t understand how one can think there are growing seasons for this tree either as it clearly says that there is no day or night for God is our continual light and the river flows from the throne of God. Is not the throne of God in heaven?


It’s a little confusing, but Ezekiel 43:7 says that God’s throne will be in the Temple on Earth and Ezekiel 47:1 says the river flows out from under the south side of the Temple. Zechariah 14:8 says that half of the river will flow east toward the Dead Sea and half will flow west toward the Mediterranean. Obviously, these are places on Earth . This is the same river mentioned in Rev. 22 flowing from the Throne of God. In Rev. 21:22 we see that there is no Temple in the New Jerusalem, and Rev. 21:25 says that the absence of night applies to the New Jerusalem, but doesn’t mention Earth.