Rev. 17-18 Follow Up


Am I correct in my interpretation of your commentary that Babylon is really a representative term for false religion, economic enslavement and corrupt governments? Because if it isn’t a term to represent these things, “literal” Babylon doesn’t make sense to me because never in my lifetime has the current City of Babylon ever been a center for anything. If the Lord’s return is as soon as we think it is, than the rebuilding of Babylon as the center of all these things had better get crackin’ because it only has a few short years to accomplish these things.


It’s both. As I said in the commentary, Zech. 5:11 describes a geographical location, called the land of Shinar in some translations and Babylonia in others. This is where the City of Babylon has always been located. This is where the Babylonian system of religion, government and commerce originated, and this is where it will come to an end.

Things already are cracking. Saddam Hussein spent over a billion dollars restoring Babylon to a ceremonial city, and since the war the US govt. has been helping the Iraqi govt. continue the restoration.

And though it’s true that in our lifetime Babylon has never been a center for these things, neither has any other city. New York is a center for world govt. and commerce but not for world religion. No other city even comes that close.