Qualifications For Sunday School Teachers


I would just like to tell you thanks for the help first of all. But I have a question. You know it says that preachers and deacons should be of one wife. What about sunday school teachers should they also be? Where can I find the answer to what teachers should be?


There isn’t anything in Scripture that specifically outlines the qualifications of Sunday School teachers, although some churches try to find people with the spiritual gift of teaching, as in Ephesians 4:11-12. Those who are called to be the official teacher of a congregation are sometimes called teaching elders and should meet the same qualifications as an elder.

By the way, although some groups use 1 Tim. 3:12 to disqualify divorced people from teaching, the comment pertaining to one wife is thought by many others to be a prohibition against having more than one wife at a time, which includes being involved in an extra-marital relationship since these things are not unheard of among people claiming to be Christians.