Qualifications For Teachers


Should a person living in adultery be allowed to teach a Bible study? What does the bible say about this? Are there biblical references to support or ones that are against this. Tell me where in the bible it specifically state what the life style of a teacher should be.


Although there aren’t any specific standards relating to teachers, James 3:1 says, “Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.”

I’m always aware of this verse because I know that as a teacher, my actions and behavior are often more instructive to people than my words. Just as children learn more from observing their parents’ behavior than from what they say, so it is with teachers, especially Bible teachers. I think James was aware of this and included it in his admonition.

If by living in adultery you mean the teacher is involved in a sexual relationship outside of marriage, then he or she should be asked to step down until the issue is resolved. If this is a matter of public knowledge, the teacher should be asked to offer a public apology before being reinstated.

Some churches apply the qualifications for deacons to teachers (1 Tim. 3 & Titus 1) and appoint only those who also show a giftedness in this area. (Ephes. 4:11-13).