A Question On Joel 2


My question has to do with the book of Joel and chapter two in particular. The more that I study the bible the more I see a vast distinction between Israel and the Church. Chapter two of Joel clearly is about Israel and it appears to me that it is about Israel after the rapture. I have for my entire life been taught and believed that Joel 2:28 is primarily about the church with the Holy Spirit being poured out “on all people.” But verse 28 begins with “and afterward” with the context about the “Day of the Lord.” Verse 29 says “I will pour out my Spirit in those days.” To me these scriptures talks about God pouring out His Spirit on all people during the tribulation days.


All of the Book of Joel was directed toward Israel. The reason you were taught that Joel 2:28 is about the Church is that Peter quoted it in Acts 20:17-21 in defending the behavior of the disciples at Pentecost. In doing so he gave the phrase “Day of the Lord” the widest interpretation anywhere in the Bible, stretching it all the way from that first Pentecost to the time of God’s wrath at the end of the age. I agree with you that in its original context Joel 2:28 was intended for the time after the Church is gone.