Questions About Genesis


Thank you kindly for being an obedient servant of the Lord. Your site is a blessing to visit every day and learn from.

Here are a few questions I’d really like to know the answer to. First, where did Noah live when he built the ark? Secondly, the Bible teaches us there were 4 Great Rivers from Genesis. The earth was greatly changed due to the global flood and the releasing of the great fountains of the deep. How do we know the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers that are named today are the ones mentioned in Genesis? How was it possible for Noah and/or his sons to recognize them after such a global change? Lastly, if those are the two original rivers, why not name the other two found in Genesis? Why should their names not be used? Or, did this have something to do with the confusion in languages from Babel?

I hope your gift in explaining things simple and easy to understand can also be used with these questions. I adore Genesis and I try to always be ready with an answer if someone asks me.


All we know for sure is that Noah lived in the general vicinity of Eden which most people believe covered much of the Middle East. There’s really no reason to doubt that the Tigris and Euphrates of today are the same as in Biblical times, although their specific location might have changed over the centuries as is the case with most rivers.

As to the other two, the Pishon and Gihon, they’ve disappeared from the landscape although some explorers speculate that they may have become underground rivers. For more information, type the names of the rivers into your Google search box and read the various articles. As you might expect, you’ll find a lot of speculation, but some of it seems to make sense.