Questions About The Millennium


I appreciate your site and it has helped me tremendously with my End Time study. I have two questions.

First is the army raised by Satan after he is released for a short time towards the end of the Millennium, I have a hard time grasping how the people are pulled into following him after living under the rule of a loving Lord.

Second is the length of life during the Millennium. I’ve read other authors on End time studies. One states that the life expectancy will expand again beyond 100 years of age, possibly hundreds of years. However there would still be an end to life during that time, the body will die. Where does this opinion come from? He did not state a verse for this and I am unable to reconcile it myself.


Re: question 1. Remember that those who rebel will be the children and grand children of believers who survived the Great Tribulation and came into the Kingdom Age in their sin-contaminated natural bodies. While I can’t imagine that it won’t happen, the Bible makes no mention of people being saved during the Millennium. Also, according to Judges 2:10 the first generation of Israelites to be born in the promised land didn’t know the Lord and had no idea of the miraculous things He had done for their parents. The point is, it doesn’t take long for people to forget.

As for the Millennial life spans, Isaiah 65:20 says that people at age 100 will still be thought of as youths, and anyone who dies at age 100 will be considered accursed. Some scholars believe that Millennial life spans will approximate those of the pre-flood era. Keep in mind that these descriptions only apply to those who survive the Great Tribulation and help re-populate the planet during the Millennium, and their descendants. The Raptured Church and other resurrected saints will have eternal life and never again be subject to death.