Questions About The Millennium


Through my studies, I understand almost everything about end times until the second coming and then I get really Lost! Could you please walk me through the sequence of events that I will go thru, starting with the rapture? (I am, of course, born again.) Also, I read about people living during the millennium and having children. Who are these people that have children? Are these children born saved and remain saved for all eternity? And where does the millennium take place?


John 14:2-3 says that at the rapture we go to be with Jesus in “My Father’s House” where He has been preparing a place for us. I think the place He’s referring to is the New Jerusalem. At the Rapture we receive our new Resurrection bodies, so we go there as physical beings (1 Cor. 15:51). This is where we’ll live, at least until the end of the Millennium, and perhaps forever. The New Jerusalem will appear in the sky near Earth at the beginning of the Millennium and will remain there throughout (Rev. 21:2, 24-27).

Post rapture believers who survive the Great Tribulation will go live into the Millennium in their natural bodies and begin re-populating the Earth (Matt. 25:34). Their children will not be born saved but will have to choose salvation just like we did. For Tribulation believers and Israel, the Millennium will take place on Earth. For the Church it will be in the nearby New Jerusalem.