Rapture Before Wrath


As always. thank you for what you do! I have been hearing alot of people lately say that they subscribe to the “pre-wrath” view of the rapture. How does this differ from the pre-trib view? If you disagree with this view can you tell me why you do scripturally.

I have heard that the pre-wrath view takes the stance that the rapture not happening before Revelation 6 is to purify the church. Why would this generation have to go through more “cleansing” than any other to be saved?


You make an unassailable point. Why should the generation of the Rapture, and only that one, be required to endure a special purification prior to acceptance into the Kingdom? Was Jesus not able to cover all of our sins on the cross even though He covered everyone else’s? By their logic God would have needed a Great Tribulation for every generation, or else all who died before us would be lost.

The pre-wrath Rapture is really a rehashing of the old Mid-Trib position that placed the Rapture at the 7th Trumpet just before the Bowl Judgments begin. Some Theologians refer to them as the Wrath of God, referencing Rev. 15:7. But notice it only says that these are the bowls of God’s Wrath. Rev. 6:16-17 tells us that the day of God’s wrath began with the seal judgments. Therefore the Bowls are the third and final cycle of His wrath, not its beginning. In the strictest sense of the word, the pre-wrath rapture would have to come before Rev. 6 which, coincidentally, is right where the pre-Trib folks place it.