Rapture Fear


I have been reading with much interest your comments on the rapture and I also, like many of your subscribers, for some reason fear it. I am born again, but have doubts that I will be raptured and fear that I will be left behind. I also am a husband and father of 3 boys who are not believers. I can’t tell you how sick I feel over the fact that my family will be left behind to face the horrors spelled out in the scriptures. I pray constantly for them, (and try to witness to them) hoping that they will escape our Fathers wrath, but it just does not seem likely that this will happen.

A very large part of me wishes to be left behind to take care of my family, knowing that I may possibly bring them to faith during the tribulation. Having an understanding of the tribulation and what will take place, I also know that we would more than likely have to be martyred. (I also know that it’s God that saves and not me).

I am in constant prayer about this, but I don’t seem to be receiving any solace, peace or answers concerning this from our Father in heaven. Quite honestly as a Christian, I am not finding the joy of being one that I so desperately seek which now brings me back full circle as to whether or not I will be raptured or if I am even saved for that matter. I know and believe with all my heart that we are very close. I believe that Jesus just told the angel to put the trumpet to his lips, we’re just waiting for that trumpet blast signaling our going home. Any advice or comforting thoughts?


In Rev. 10:8-9 John is told to take a scroll on which the coming judgments were apparently written and eat it. He’s told that while it will taste sweet in his mouth, it will turn bitter in his stomach. This is a model of how we view prophecy. When it’s a long way off or when we’re focused on the end result we can agree it’s a desirable thing and look forward to it. But when we’re up close and personal, some of the things that have to happen to make it come true are enough to make us sick to our stomach.

There are two things I’m sure of. If you’re born again, you will go in the rapture. And the best way to to save your family is through prayer. Don’t give up on your family. God doesn’t want any to perish but for all to come to repentance. (2 peter 3:10) Even now He’s knocking on the door to their heart (Rev. 3:20) All that’s left is for them to respond, and your prayers can help.