Rapture. Now Or Later?


We have some relatives who are Christian, however, there is one thing that really puzzles ( and upsets a little) my husband and me about them. When we talk about the Rapture and living in the end times, they certainly don’t seem to believe that Christ’s return is very soon. They even seem to try to take away some of our “Blessed Hope” by stating that the Rapture may not come for another 20,000 years! Why would born again believers appear to not be looking forward to Christ’s return?


It may surprise you to know that over 90% of those who call themselves born again have a secular world view. To many of them the Rapture is viewed as an unwelcome interruption to their quest for all this world has to offer. They like the idea of the Lord coming back but prefer it wouldn’t happen just yet. There are others, much smaller in number, who have been taught that the rapture is a false doctrine not to be believed. In short, those who look hopefully for an any moment disappearance from Planet Earth are really in the minority among Christians.