The Rapture. Now or Later?


I have a question about the Fullness of the Gentiles, which refers to the number of people who become believers during the Church age. If this is the case, why are we looking for the Rapture to happen soon … because there could be people coming to Christ a hundred years from now. If they do, then we still have 100 years or more to wait for the Rapture.

Am I missing something here? I have heard others, besides you, explain the Fullness of the Gentiles, but am confused because it seems to me that as long as the earth continues, there will be people coming to Christ. We hear of thousands in China alone coming to Him. Please help me out on this, specifically why we should expect the Rapture soon. I want it to happen soon, because the world is getting worse and worse! Thanks for your explanation.


If that was the only sign, you’d have a point. But the birth of Israel tells us ours is the last generation before the 2nd Coming. In Romans 11:25-26 Paul said that after the full number of Gentiles has come in, God would turn to Israel again. In Acts 15:13-18 James agreed. Israel’s re-birth is a sign that the Church’s days on Earth are coming to an end.

You’re right, as long as the Earth continues there’ll be people coming to Christ, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be part of the Church. There were believers before the Church came and there’ll be believers after the Church is gone. But they won’t be part of the Church. The Church is a special class of believers that began with Pentecost and will end with the Rapture. Those who came before us are called Old Testament saints. Those who come after us are called Tribulation saints.