Rapturing The Children


Thank you again for all your work in the name of our Lord.

My question relates to children and the rapture. I understand that all believers will be raptured when the Holy Spirit is taken because He is sealed within us and we are essentially inseparable. Considering this I do not understand is why anyone under the age of accountability would go because they have not been sealed.

I understand that they are innocent in Gods eyes, I was just wondering do you think that it is necessary that they would have to be taken at that point, as there is no guarantee they would be killed in the tribulation? As usual, I support you view this was just something I have been thinking about.


God has given two reasons for the Great Tribulation. One is to discipline Israel and the other is to destroy the nations among which the Jews have been scattered (Jeremiah 30:1-11).

God has promised that those who make Jesus their Lord and Savior will escape this judgment. (1 Thes. 1:10) The reason for this is that by accepting the Lord we’ve become part of the Church. We’re not Israel so we don’t need to be disciplined and we’re no longer part of the nations, so we don’t need to be destroyed. We’ve been made as innocent as little children and are therefore qualified to enter God’s Kingdom. (Matt. 18:3)

Being sealed with the Holy Spirit is the deposit that guarantees this. (Ephesians 1:13-14) In effect it says we’ve been made as innocent as little children and now belong to God. Little children don’t need the seal of the Holy Spirit identifying them as belonging to God because they’ve always belonged to God. If anything you could say that they’re more qualified than adults for the Kingdom because they’ve never fallen away and been brought back.