Reaching The Full Number


Re: “Is the Rapture Overdue?” I also agree that the rapture is overdue and hasn’t happened because the “Fullness of the Gentiles” has not been reached. I see many believers on internet forums telling others to “Hurry up and get saved, so the rapture can happen.” But we also need to be about the Lord’s business of evangelizing to family, friends, and to all the nations just as Jesus said with the Great Commission. The more we evangelize, the more saved. The more saved, the closer we are in reaching the full number of the Church. With all that said, in what ways can we help in evangelizing others? I’m not financially able to travel, but I really want to proclaim the word of God to others more than ever before , especially those in countries who have never heard God’s word.


I agree that the more we evangelize, the more will be saved, and the more who are saved, the sooner we will reach the full number that triggers the rapture (Romans 11:25).

It has been said that there should only be two kinds of people in the Church; those who are sent and those who support them. The idea is, if you can’t be a missionary, you can be one of those who supports missionary work. If you’re not able to be one of those who are sent, I suggest you do some research on missionary organizations, find one where it’s clear the Lord is working, and pitch in with support of one kind or another.