Reaching The Mentally Handicapped


You are one of the Bible teachers that I respect a lot, and I believe God truly anoints you since He has blessed me in so many ways thru your wonderful teaching. I have a question regarding salvation for people who are retarded or in a state of mental illness which makes them incapable of understanding the Gospel. How can we reach these people so they can be saved? Will they still be saved if they never accept Christ as their Lord and Savior?


I am one who believes that all children, as well as adults who are mentally incapable of understanding the concept of sin and salvation, belong to Him and don’t need to be reached.

I base this view on Romans 7:9 where Paul said he had (eternal) life apart from the Law, but then the commandments came (he reached the age of accountability) sin sprang to life and he died.

I believe the age of accountability is an intellectual one, not just a physical one.