Salvation for Children and Mentally Handicapped Adults


Through some of your recent writings, I have come to more thoroughly and TRULY understand the difference between the value of faith in Jesus and works done in His name. What does the Bible have to say about those living children or disabled adults who either because of their immaturity or disability, can not comprehend the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Savior?


I interpret Romans 7:9 as Paul saying he had eternal life until he reached the age of accountability, at which time he became responsible for his sins and was sentenced to death. (Later, when he accepted the Lord as His Savior he was pardoned and the death sentence was canceled.) This means children who are under the age of accountability (not intellectually mature enough to understand the spiritual consequences of sin) are not held accountable for their sins and have eternal life.

The Bible doesn’t specifically address the mentally disabled. But in doing some research on the Jewish tradition of bar/bat mitzvah, the ceremony where boys and girls who’ve reached the age of accountability become officially responsible under the Law, I learned that children who do not develop the intellectual capacity to comprehend this are not required to accept the responsibility. From this research and from my studies on the character of God I have concluded that the mentally disabled always belong to God and are regarded as though innocent, and therefore are saved.