Redeeming Angels


Thank you for your site. It is a wonderful resource for both new and old Christians. The question I have relates to the redemption of our sins. We know that Christ died for us, and by his death he paid the penalty for our sins if we chose to accept it. His blood was so holy that even one drop of it is sufficient to clear the world of all of man kinds sins, truly an amazing concept and wonderful act of love by our creator. The question which comes to mind though is what about the fallen angels?

I know there does now appear to be any scripture which says that any of the 1/3rd of the angelic host who rebelled with Satan can repent, but given that Christ has paid the penalty of death for sin is it theoretically possible for a fallen angel to repent of his/its sins and accept the blood of christ as redemption for its sins?


What we know from the Bible is that Jesus had to become a man to redeem mankind. The Messianic title Kinsman Redeemer originated from the Law specifying that only a close kinsman could redeem a person or his property (Lev. 25). And Hebrews 2 hints that Jesus became a man to redeem mankind, not angels.

It isn’t a surprise that the Bible doesn’t mention a plan of redemption for angels, because it was written to and for man. Therefore it might be possible for angels to be redeemed. We just are not told if or how that could happen.