Regret Or Joy?


I just had a question about these heavenly rewards we’re supposed to be getting. I agree with the interpretation that we’ll be rewarded for our behavior here on Earth but my question is where does that leave people who are saved but don’t live out their walk. Does this mean that they’ll go through eternity unhappy? Any clarification is appreciated, God Bless.


Many if not most Christians will live out eternity in the circumstances you describe. 1 Cor. 3:15 says that if our works don’t survive the test they’ll be burned up. Anything done with even a hint of personal gain or recognition will be disqualified. We’ll still be saved but as one escaping the flames.

I believe that our understanding will be so enhanced in our new bodies that we’ll view the past with a certain detachment and without senseless regret. Otherwise our future joy would be tempered at best as we recall the times when we could have done more. Remember also that our pride and envy, products of our sin nature, will be gone. I think that rather than sadness for our failures, we’ll feel pure joy for the achievments of others.