Repent After Taking The Mark?


Recently a popular Bible teacher taught that people will be able to repent of having taken the mark of the beast, otherwise there would be no one to enter the millennial kingdom. If the false prophet does cause all to receive the mark and if the mark does result in damnation, maybe he has a point. All I can think of is that there must be a lot of people who escape the mark and survive the judgments. What are your thoughts on this?


The claim that tribulation believers will be able to repent after taking the mark of the beast is just one man’s opinion and directly contradicts what the Bible says in Rev. 14:9-12, and his claim that otherwise there wouldn’t be anyone left to populate the Millennium is similarly false.

According to my calculations based on Rev. 6:8 and Rev. 9:15 somewhere between one third and one half of the world’s post rapture population will be killed in the first half of Daniel’s 70th Week. That means several billion people will survive to enter the Great Tribulation. An unknown number of people will die during the Great Tribulation and more will be killed in the final battle for planet Earth.

However, in Matt.24:45-Matt. 25:46 the Lord spoke of 4 judgments that will take place shortly after the 2nd Coming. Each of them is for the purpose of separating believers from unbelievers among the survivors.

This tells us there will be survivors in sufficient numbers to re-populate the Earth. Remember, the first time the Lord populated the Earth He began with two people, and the second time, after the flood, He only had only eight people to work with. I’m sure He will be able to do it again without violating His word.