Rev. 12 And The Man Child


I have a question on Revelation 12: 1-6. I know the woman is Israel. But, I can’t believe this is talking about the birth of Christ, When we are in the things that are future. Can you shed some light on this scripture?


Rev. 12:1-6 is one of the places in the Book of Revelation where John takes a step back to offer us some perspective. In this case it’s a sweeping overview that actually begins with Joseph’s dream from Genesis 37:9 and ends with the believing remnant of Israel being supernaturally protected during the Great Tribulation. The woman represents Israel and the dragon is Satan. The man child in verse 5 can only be the Messiah; first he is born out of Israel, and second He’ll rule the nations with an iron scepter. This is a quote from Psalm 2:9 where it refers to the Messianic King.