Rev. 6 And Matt. 24


Many believe that the first six seals in Revelation 6 are the beginning of God’s judgments on the Earth and it’s inhabitants. Others believe the seals are an overview of things “that must happen” before the second coming. Comparing the sixth seal to Matthew 24:29-31, these signs are what will occur just before the return of Christ, which is at the end of the Tribulation period. What is your take on this issue?


I’m with those who believe the Seal judgments mark the beginning of God’s wrath. And although there are similarities between the 6th Seal judgment and Matt. 24:29-31, they can’t be the same. In Rev. 6:17 the Kings of the Earth say the time of wrath has begun, but Matt. 24:29-31 describes the time just after the Great Tribulation ends. Also Rev. 6 says the sun turns black and the moon blood red whereas in Matt. 24:29 the Sun and Moon both go dark, meaning they give no light.