Ridiculous Teaching About Satan?


I have read many of Jack Kelley’s writings and have learned from him but this article of lifting up Satan really frosts my cake. When Jack said Satan is given a position of respect in the kingdom of God and even Michael didn’t dare accuse him I have no idea what Jack was thinking. The scripture is full of accusation against Satan and that is especially true in the New Testament. I think Jack you must apologize for this idiocy or face being discredited big time. This idea of if Michael couldn’t accuse Satan then we must not accuse Satan is ridiculous. To cast out a devil is making an accusation wouldn’t you think? If Satan appears as an angel of light as Paul said, isn’t that an accusation?


I’m sorry to have upset you but I’m just quoting the Bible. Both Jude (Jude:8-9) and Peter (2 Peter 2:10-12) said that one sin of the false teachers is that they feel free to slander celestial beings, something Jude said even the archangel Michael doesn’t feel comfortable doing. The Greek word in both places is blasphemeo,which means to speak evil of.

I never said Satan is given a place of respect in the Kingdom of God, which usually refers to the Church. I said he is permitted into the presence of God as a dignitary at the top of the celestial order. And stating a legitimate fact, like Paul did in 2 Cor. 11:14, is not the same as slander which is defined as being malicious, false and defamatory in speaking of others. I stand by what I said.