Salvation During The Millennium


Since the current age is rapidly closing my wife and I are somewhat Home sick (like most of the Church) for the coming millennium. My question is, knowing, that when one dies during this time a person that dies would be considered an infant, where do people (believers) spirit go during that first 1000 years? Would it be like it is now, when would they acquire their glorified bodies?


The Bible is silent on the issue of salvation during the Millennium. It doesn’t speak of people being saved (certainly there will be some) and it doesn’t mention what happens to believers who die during the 1000 years, whether they be survivors from the Great Tribulation or their children. There’s no mention of an additional rapture or resurrection, or of spirits going to be with the Lord. Where believers are concerned, all such mentions in the Bible of these things will have happened by the time of the 2nd Coming. It’s my opinion that these details will be revealed in the early days of the Millennium, since they’ll only apply to Tribulation believers and their off spring.

The one resurrection during that period that is mentioned is for non-believers and takes place after the Millennium ends (Rev. 20:11-15).