Salvation In The Millennium


My husband asked me some questions over the weekend and I didn’t know the answers, so I wanted to get your opinion on them. What happens to believers on the earth who die during the Millennium? Where do their spirits go? Do they also receive immortal bodies? And, do they then come and live with us in the New Jerusalem? Thanks so much!


I’ve gotten several questions like this lately. While thinking about how to answer them it occurred to me that in Old Testament times there was no New Testament to inform people about life during the coming Church Age. Man was only given the New Testament after the cross. In the same way, we don’t have a Millennial document that explains what life will be like then. I believe God will reveal all the necessary information to Millennial believers after the 2nd Coming. If we’re given all the details of God’s plan after the rapture, as many believe, our questions will all be answered then.