Satan’s Expulsion From Heaven


Isaiah 14:12 and Luke 10:18 speak of Satan’s fall from heaven. If Satan was thrown out of heaven, how is he there now accusing us before God? If he was thrown out how is he going to be thrown out again. I know every word of the Bible is true but did God let him back into heaven and if so why?


Isaiah 14:12-20 and its companion passage Ezekiel 28:11-19 contain both history and prophecy, and as is often the case it’s all written in the past tense because God has already seen it all. When Jesus spoke of seeing Satan fall like lightning from Heaven (Luke 10:18-19) He was also speaking prophetically, revealing Satan’s future destiny to His disciples. He did this to show them they shouldn’t be surprised at the demons submitting to them in His name (Luke 10:17) because He had already seen Satan’s defeat. Revelation 12:9 gives us the timing of Satan’s expulsion as taking place just prior to the Great Tribulation.