Satan’s Heaven?


I once heard a speaker who said he had died (or was taken away on an amazing trip – he’s not sure which) while suffering a heart attack. He saw Satan’s heaven, and the outside of God’s heaven. He was instructed and informed about many things and came back to consciousness in the hospital. He spent the rest of his life (he may still be alive) traveling the world to tell his story. I met him in Hawaii in 1990 or so and heard him tell his story at least twice. I was a new Christian then and I’m sorry that I can’t really remember too much about his story due to my ignorance then. One of the things he said he was told was that there is no age, sex or race in heaven. Have you ever heard that said before or do you have a teaching about that subject?


I’ve never heard that before nor have I ever heard of Satan’s heaven. In Luke 16:19-31 Jesus told the story of the rich man and Lazarus. In it the rich man, who was in torment, asked to be sent back to the living to warn his brothers to change their ways so they could avoid being sent there to join him. Abraham refused, saying that the Bible should be sufficient warning. So I ask you, why would God change his mind and send some one back now, when He refused to do it then? Answer, He wouldn’t. Don’t believe everything you hear, no matter how sincere the person might sound. A number of people have made similar claims and yet they all have different stories.