Saving My Son


When I was sixteen years old I became pregnant. My future husbands parents insisted that I end the pregnancy and since it was not legal in Canada at the time they gave us the money and sent us off to New York to have it performed.

At the last minute I heard in my mind that I was strong enough to get up out of that bed and tell them I didn’t want to kill my unborn child. I had always been a very meek young girl, and for me to just do this was not in my power. I felt a presence with me that gave me that courage to tell the doctor that I had changed my mind and wanted to cancel it.

What hurts me the most is that son is now 35 years old and has told me he doesn’t know if Jesus is real. Do you think that Jesus would have gone to all the trouble of seeing me through that horrible time to save my child, but would now let him perish? How can I convince my son of His existence?


I don’t think that Jesus gave you the strength to refuse the abortion to save your child. He knew that aborted babies go directly to Heaven to be with Him. He gave you the strength to refuse so that you wouldn’t have the death of your baby on your conscience.

Your son has to make his own decision just like everyone else. Some of the Lord’s own brothers weren’t saved, because no matter how much God loves us, He can’t make us love him back.

You’ve taught your son about Jesus, now the best thing to do is pray that the Lord will prepare his heart to receive what you’ve taught him. It’s His will that this should happen (2 Peter 3:9) but your son has to choose to make it so.